Pri + Alvaro | The Acre Winter Park Florida Wedding

I met Priscilla almost out of the blue -- we had been in the same Facebook photography group, and she was looking for a second shooter for weddings. I am so thankful she contacted me, because in those two years since I feel fortunate to have met such a kind, compassionate and beautiful soul. You immediately feel welcomed and comfortable in her presence -- and the same can be said for all of her friends and loved ones I met on their wedding day. It was so much fun to be a part of it -- being able to witness a tradition and culture completely outside of my own (those amazing desserts and the dancing is just a start). Being able to witness family and friends coming from a completely different continent to celebrate this marriage. Witnessing family who weren't able to make it -- like the mother of the bride -- watch the entire day as it happened, partaking in toasts, seeing photos and videos through cell phones and Periscope. So often we regard phones as a distraction to days like these, but sometimes it's all we have to bring us together, to connect us to important moments like this. What made it all even more meaningful was that Pri and Alvaro and now even farther, having left for their new home in Australia a few weeks ago. 

I wanted to share some words from Pri herself about her wedding day: 

I always wanted to get married. I always tried to plan a wedding and every time it was so hard, all those big lists, those rules and the head ache. The truth is I planned my wedding in 2 months and I broke a lot of rules. Yes... I always wanted to get married but not a big fancy wedding... I wanted something small, simple, where the most important thing was the moment and not anything else. We got married in a church the day before with Father Leo but as a photographer my only wish was to find an outside place full of nature and get married during the day to celebrate. We had our friend Gee as an " officiant " (That's another thing that I wanted very much...someone that knew us as a couple so it will be special). 

We decided to do an intimate wedding, inviting people that knew us as a couple, that always have been part of our lives until now and it was the most amazing thing and that's why I could make this happen. Of course I had some angels in my life and one of them was Tia Inez who dedicated a lot of time and talent on decoration and details. I could not have done it without her. The party was so fun and I had to send my dress to a dry cleanner because it was soooo dirty.

The reason that I am saying all of that is because if you have doubts about it just do it the way that you can. You don't need tons of money and to worry about the rules, big lists etc.. Do it but do it the way that you can. 

It was the most amazing moment of my life which I will always remember. To have all my friends and family reunited was amazing. I know that it is fast and it is just one day but at least in my case I feel like I am married now and I can begin a family after that day.

A big thanks again to Danielle Nichol Photography for second shooting as well as Fair Verona Photo for video and documenting me attempting to dance.