A Day in the Life | Orlando Documentary Family Photographer

This month's Pieces of Life is a day in the life. It's been so long since I've done one and been able to stick to it the entire day (key point being: stick to). This is pretty much us - no special plans, barely washed, sitting in front of screens a lot. Am I happy with that? Yes and no. I take these as a reflection of who we are, for reasons I'm proud and not proud of, because it's important to me to look back on my life and remember it just as it was. There are also plenty of things in this day that didn't get photographed - not by intention, but because many of them are intangible. Or maybe they do have a presence, but the presence was not part of my day and instead lingered in my thoughts. The best way I know how to photograph these things is to show all of the representations of them within other aspects of our life. Everything seeps into everything somehow.