From the Masters | Mary Ellen Mark

In the ongoing "Doing Disservice to the Masters" theme I've got going here, this month's artist was Mary Ellen Mark. I say this mostly with sarcasm, but each time fully realizing why these photographers are considered masters. However, something else I've noticed - the point of all of this, of photography, of the journey, is creating images that represent us all as individuals. No wonder, then, that trying to see the world through the eyes of Saul Leiter, William Eggleston, or Mary Ellen Mark has proven so difficult - I am not them, they are not me. Which is a good thing. 

Mary Ellen Mark developed incredibly special relationships with her subjects. They weren't just faces. They were real people, with real (often troubled and complex) lives. In taking on her work this month, it really had little to do with 'style' (although Mark was an incredible photographer who was a master of the edges of her frame). It was about substance. I decided to focus on my daughter -- my closest connection as a subject -- and her world. 

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