Pieces of Life January | Orlando Documentary Family Photographer

This month's Pieces of Life is kind of split down the middle. A tale of two Floridas, both in geography and in subject...although it seems to be a recurring pattern for me that nature always sneaks its way back in to my pictures, even through the tiniest cracks and crevices.

Visiting Big Talbot Island was so surreal. You know how you envision places and when you get there, it's nothing like the way you thought it would be? Well, this was exactly the way I thought it would be, down to the fog. I don't really have words to describe how beautiful it was. I don't really feel I even scratched the surface of it either. I could have stayed all day. I hope to again. 

And what to say about home? I love being able to see something new in the same old places. No matter how many times I've walked the sidewalks in Cocoa Village, there's always a new angle. Something different to discover. 

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