Pieces of Her | Pieces of Life June

She's full of funny sayings lately - "get out and stay out" being a top choice. She'll use any object for dialogue between two imaginary characters, be it french fries or the ends of the drawstrings of my pants. One of the names of the characters was "Papa Johns". She's the #1 fan of train tracks and wacky waving inflatable guys everywhere. Semi trucks with cars loaded on them crack her up. She can draw a fierce carrot. The only shower she's willing to take is standing out in the rain. She's sweeter than sugar, as sensitive as her mother, hesitant with many and bold with few. She marches to the beat of her own drummer. She's ready when it's her time, not yours. She'll never sit one minute for a photo if you ask, so don't think about it. Just follow her lead.