Fort Wilderness & Disney World | Pieces of Life April

I was going to write something about the magic of filtered tree light, but I don't feel like it.

This is what these photos remind me of - the most horrible night of stomach discomfort and chills coming down from a virus. Stepping outside myself for a second and wondering "Do I really sound this annoyed all the time or is it all in my head?". The weird way I feel both comforted and repulsed by the heat of Florida summers - because basically it's Summer now until November. Realizing that the only way I ever have fun is if someone forces me to go have fun. Wishing that my family didn't live so far away and that one day soon it won't always be like this. Finally having it sink in that it's time to stop holding the memories of my childhood so closely as if they had happened yesterday and go create some new memories with my own child. 

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