The Thomason Family | Sarasota Documentary Family Photography

TIme is a funny thing when you're a parent. It makes absolutely no sense anymore. With the first child, time is spent adjusting to life as a mother or a father, it's discovering the true meaning of unconditional love and knowing what sacrifice is all about. And maybe it's because of these huge life lessons that make those initial few years with a firstborn seem so monumental. Years don't consist of 365 days, they are made up of mini-eternities and yet they all seem to fly by so fast. For a child, these years will be barely remembered but in brief flashes or recalled from old photographs. Time will always be thought in terms of "my sister and I", and soon everyone will have never realized life could be lived any other way than with the presence of two beautiful girls.

But right now, in this moment, time is how it has seemingly always been...just the three of us.