Day in the Life | St. John's Documentary Family Photographer

Here's a (possibly weird) fact about me -- sometimes I think back to my grandparents' home when I was a child and take a 'tour' in my head. I try to remember each room as best I can. I'd start with the foyer, going through the fancy room with the nice furniture that no one really went into except for holidays. Then it was the den where I would wake up at 5 AM before anyone else, watch Mighty Mouse, doing somersaults on the couch and hanging upside down pretending that the ceiling was actually the floor and how cool it would be to walk on it (I told you, weird). After that I'd imagine the kitchen, the smells of my grandmother making Thanksgiving stuffing (the celery, especially) and watching her soaps on the little tv. I'd imagine the kitchen table and how I'd use up all of my grandparent's paper creating menus and making dioramas of New York City out of old bakery boxes while watching Nick at Nite. Then the back guest room where I'd sneak and hide Christmas cookies in the drawer of an old sewing table for later. And so forth, and so forth, into each room, trying with all my might to remember the rooms that housed some of the best, most cherished memories of my childhood. 

Some of these memories I do have photos of, but many I do not. In being able to come over to photograph families in their own home, my hope is that the things they look back on later -- these little moments -- are preserved within the images. That maybe they will be able to recall the smells, the feelings, all of the other parts that make up a memory. 

When I visited the Lehlbach's, they were only a week away from moving halfway across the country, leaving this beautiful home they had loved so much for the past few years. It was so fun to get to know them -- playing (me losing) a game of cards, jumping on the trampoline in the pitch black darkness, warming up in the spa, meeting all four kitties, making breakfast, visiting the local park...really, so much stuff! They are now settled in to their new home, but I hope these photos remind them of all of the wonderful things that happened during their time in Florida.