A Modern Fairy Tale - Central Florida Family Storytelling

In the Land of the Un-Mowables, amongst the mushroom fields and mosquito lagoons there lived a brave Queen. She was a just and fair Queen (except for the time which her doting subjects have to come to know as The Tantrums). 

From her castle tower she was able to survey the land and her subjects, to make sure everything was in perfect working order. But sometimes the enemy would approach and she would take her mighty Wand of No Bubble Solution to battle with a might yell. 

Upon securing the Un-Mowables, her loyal subjects cheered and celebrated their Queen.

She was now able to perform her other Queen-duties, including but not limited to: 

The stomping of ye olde frog in the gutter;

The Abundant Watering of the prized Moldy Yellow Tomato plant; 

lauren-mitchell-photo-fairy-tale (2 of 10).jpg

The throwing of The Slimy Dog Mouth Ball;

And the Watering of the Plastic Barrens, a desolate stretch of land that No One wanted to deal with. Maybe tomorrow. 

Yea, let us celebrate this Queen, for she earned her crown by eating The Breaded Nugget in quantities of four.