For the love of film.

This post is part of a monthly blog circle of FILM photographers otherwise known as the Film Mamas -- out to prove that film just ain't dead. Once you're done looking here, please continue on to Corrie Heisey's page, where you'll see some beautiful beach photos taken with one of my favorite stocks - Portra 160.  

You know those models on J. Crew or Madewell's websites who perpetually have the messiest hair and you're like "Dang girl, get a brush if you're going to wear $200 jeans", but then you're like "I wish I could style my hair super messy like I didn't give a shit without it actually looking like I didn't give a shit." Yeah, that's how I feel about a.) my hair and b.) my Holga camera. 

There is something so perfect about the imperfectness of this little plastic toy camera. I've had this Holga since 2004. Ten years. We've been to Paris together (d'awww). That's a lot to be said when my 7 year-old desktop computer is considered worthy of a museum exhibit. All the Photoshopping in the world can't fake the results you get from a simple "click" of the shutter. The results can be ugly, filled with light leaks, weird radial blurs, dark vignettes, foggy spots. But that's what makes it so amazing.

I took this series of photos at (of all places) the Ft. Wilderness resort at Disney. We chose the cabin loop that had the most cypress trees. I have a major fascination with cypress trees. Lucky me that I live in a state that is 90% swamp. Surround yourself with them and you'll swear the place is haunted. It's a beautiful, eery, magical experience, albeit one I wouldn't have alone at night. And my Holga made each twisted, gnarled cypress knee look like a ghastly contorted face. 

Yes, there is a boy in the above picture. I know you're probably like, "Nooo boy get out of that haunted demon alien ghost forest!!" but I promise just outside of the frame were like 20 golf carts oozing with sparkly Mickey Mouse decorations. 

Let the lomo decide what's up. It always knows best. 

Holga 120N / Ilford Delta 3200