Travis & Avery

This particular story is about two kids who met at 15, took separate paths in life and reunited 25 years and thousands of miles later. Good things take time. It's about the books and the bouquet of paper flowers, representing the bonds shared over a favorite novel. And listening to The Smiths -- the very same band that had been playing the first time they met those years ago -- while friends who hadn't seen each other in years caught up on one another's lives. 

(Side note: I definitely played Morrissey and New Order for the next week non-stop. You guys had some of the best wedding music ever.)

There is a rush I get that lasts well into the middle of the night, or so I've noticed having photographed these first few weddings. It's the residual joy of being able to capture pure, honest emotions. To be able to tell the story of one of the most important day of two people's lives.

It was truly an honor to have been able to photograph your wedding, Travis and Avery!