A typical Sunday

Maybe not an every Sunday kind of typical, but birdwatching / fossil collecting / spending time with friends / overeating of pimento cheese is so very much what our family does. 


The first half of the day was spent out in the flat-as-a-pancake cattle fields of Okeechobee County, job shadowing my husband. I fully admit to overly-romantcizing his job duties and office locations. I know he can put in long hours of doing nothing but staring at various types of grass. But seriously - being able to go places most people aren't allowed to go, being out in the middle of nowhere...far away from distractions...seeing ancient native american cliff paintings, finding crystallized clam shell fossils or walking the Oregon trail...I mean, come on

So I was able to tag along, and barrel through wild dog fennel as tall as our vehicle. Pass under a canopy of Live Oaks so large they blocked out the bright morning sun. Walk across cattle fields and try not to step in what seemed like hundreds of piles of cow shit bigger than my head. 

And best yet, collect clam fossils off the side of the road. 

Once used as fill for the local highways, the fossils can be found laying on the side of the road, ripe for the picking. I've been a bit obsessed with them lately, fascinated by the fact that something 1.5 million years old could be on the side of the road between a scattering of cigarette butts and a rusted beer can. Also as fascinating is that these crystallized fossils were caused by one single natural catastrophe. Beauty from chaos, formed over time. 

The second half of the day was all for the birthday girl, who was born this week to an incredibly impatient and overdue mother. There was plenty of food (none of it healthy), friends, family and bubbles. On average days we are a family of introverts, but when there's something to celebrate, it's only proper to have a home full of noise and laughter.