Low Country

I went on a work trip to Savannah and Tybee Island. A hectic pace of photographing three homes in four-ish days left me still trying to catch up on sleep to this very moment. But having the company of two other wonderful photographers was worth it. It's a great feeling to be able to go on a walk with people who understand when you take off in the opposite direction to chase that darned fleeting light. Or when you spend five minutes circling a piece of driftwood because you want to find the best angle to describe how it feels to be there, on that beach, near sunset, with this beautiful, twisted natural sculpture. 

Tybee in February is a sleepy little beach town, with weather as confusing to me as trying to get around its side streets. It's a mix of turn-of-the-19th century military buildings, 1920's beach bungalows, 1960's motels and modern McMansions. Like the way layers of sediment form into rocks. You can see the layers of history on the island. I've been promised an historic tour around Tybee the next time I visit, and I hope to do it. 


And I could spend a day and then some photographing the marsh. So much beauty in the stillness.


Alright, Savannah. You are beautiful. I would love to stay for longer than a day to be able to soak it all in. But if I only have a few precious hours, I will gladly go back to Alex Raskin Antiques. I have no words for that incredible place!