The weekend.

Upon returning home after a trip to visit family, I once joked (poorly) that someone turned up the saturation levels on the landscape. Everything here seems so much more vibrant and colorful than the muted colors of bare trees and dead grass in Northern areas. I still sometimes long for the color palette of a true Winter, but then again Florida in February is hard to beat. 

We stopped alongside the highway to explore a tiny beach on the Banana River lagoon. It still amazes me that these little private beaches exist in the midst of the tourist/cruise ship craziness. A true locals spot for a good, warm weekend in February, and yet all you have to do to get there is just slow down and park. No secret directions. 

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Anyway. All this talk of the bright colors of this state and the images that meant the most to me just seemed to speak best in black and white. Go figure. Just a normal weekend for us, lots of playing outdoors, our first foray into the art of the finger paint, and a relaxing day of exploration on a beach made for two. 

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