Pieces of Life | November

This marks the first month of Pieces of Life -- a project I am very excited to begin with some incredibly talented women. Each month we will post a single image from our photo essays on the ClickinMoms Daily Project

I challenged myself and brought only film on a recent trip to Charleston. A challenge it was, but in the end film never, ever disappoints. 

I think my heart will belong more to Savannah than it will to Charleston, but it was still a beautiful city. The thing I noticed most about walking down the streets was that if you really slowed down and looked, you could find tiny little refuges from the boutiques and the tourist traps. Alleyways and little stone paths. Charleston Unitarian Church had a cemetery nearly swallowed by the weeds and flowers that were left to flourish around it -- truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. 

Wherever I go, I seek the quiet places. 

Taken with: Olympus Ace / Yashica Mat 124G / Pentax 67  Film: Portra 160 +2