October {Seasons} | Central FL Family Documentary Photography

I am very honored to participate alongside some very talented ladies for a monthly collective titled Seasons. Each post brings forth a new opportunity to show what the passing months feel like to us. When you are finished here, please continue on to Kari Wattenbarger Photography's post for this month. 

This might be my favorite month of the year. October finally, finally means it has cooled down here in Florida. Each morning is another opportunity to open all of the windows and doors so we can finally breathe. It feels good. And it means the low winter sun is coming, bringing with it dramatic shadows I see out of the kitchen window while waiting for coffee. I kind of love the shortening of the days. It brings me closer to those most beautiful hours.

You try and chase the sunrise or sunset in the summer when you have a toddler. 

This is first thing in the morning -- she wore her cowgirl costume to a fall festival and slept in it. There's something so special to me about seeing her first thing in the morning, half-dazed, half-ready to take on the day.