Shelby and Austin | West Palm Documentary Session

The farther I go along with these documentary sessions, the more it sinks in the specialness of being invited into someone's home to get a glimpse of their everyday life. It is within these walls and these moments that most important memories accumulate, though maybe we are not aware of it until it has been filtered through the lens of distance and time. It can certainly take me a while.

I was welcomed into this home by Shelby (a fellow photographer -- check out her website because I could have stood in their room staring at her photographs all day), her husband Austin and their two cats. 

Shelby and Austin are students, workers and providers for each other. It is in this season of life where having another to turn to for reassurance and guidance can mean so much -- a time sandwiched between the comforting routine of child- and young adulthood, and the uncertainty and hopefulness of the future. 

I had a wonderful time with them in their home -- they absolutely adore those kitties -- and walking around the streets of West Palm, sharing pizza by the Intracoastal Waterway.