The art of observing and/or letting go. 

Yesterday I attempted to photograph her pulling off one of the grapefruits down from the tree. She kept walking away despite my insistence (and persistence) on getting that shot. After a few miserable attempts at a photograph, I let her free and back she went to picking up the dog toys. 

Fast forward to today, and she makes a beeline for the grapefruit tree. Stands exactly where I had wanted her to stand yesterday. Reaches her tiny hand up to the fruit and grabs it. And where was my camera? Inside. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I'm pretty sure in some small way of hers she has taught me a lesson. On slowing down and observing. Getting out from behind the camera and letting go of every.single.memory.

Sometimes memories are best saved for the camera in your mind. They may fade faster than a photograph, but that's what makes them even more special.